Facts About Whole Body Vibration Machines

Whole body vibration machines are one of the fastest selling new products available in the health and fitness market today. The concept of the vibrating plate machine has been around for a number of years but has only just really risen to the forefront of the keep fit world. There are some interesting facts about whole body vibration machines that may be worth reading and considering before using or purchasing one.

One of the most amazing things about whole body vibration machines is that they can give the entire body a complete work out in a very small amount of time. To put some perspective on just how efficient they make a workout routine, ten minutes spent exercising on a vibrating plate machine is the equivalent of an hour of ordinary exercise. The only caveat is that each area of the body must be used in a certain way when using one of these machines. A balanced and varied exercise routine must be established and followed strictly to get the full benefit of what the vibrating plate does to the human body. A healthy and balanced diet should also be followed as part of a training regime using whole body vibration machines.

At the moment, there are two distinct types of vibration machines available to buy. These are linear and oscillating and the way in which each type work differs slightly although the results are the same. The linear kind of whole body vibration machine is commonly known as a tri-planar or vertical vibration machine.

The other type of vibration machine, the oscillating type is similar in design to a seesaw. The vibrations are created using the same basic principle of movements that a seesaw uses. This design is very robust and is usually the preferred choice of machine for keep fit enthusiasts.

Before anybody makes a decision on what whole body vibration machine they wish to buy, all of the points above should be considered carefully. After all, these machines may be at the cutting edge of the keep fit world but they certainly aren’t cheap.


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